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  • I’m going to have to…
  • Telephone company
  • Internet modem
  • Have you tried…?
  • Turning it off and on
  • Don’t you start!
  • I’ve asked several people
  • I’m going to get…
  • T-Shirt
  • Slogan
  • I’ll call them now
  • What did they say?
  • I had to listen to…
  • Silly
  • Automated system
  • I hate those things
  • To fix it
  • To make sure
  • Specific
  • They can’t expect you to
  • Waiting for them
  • Surely!
  • I’ll have to wait
  • What a pain!
  • Definitely
  • To go for a drink
  • Just the one
  • Swimming
  • Won’t be possible
  • One too many




– Problems with the Internet –



Learn English – Lesson 28 – Problems with Internet

Polly: I’m going to have to ring the telephone company. The internet modem has cut off again!

Karen: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Polly: Don’t you start! I’ve asked several people about it and they all said the same thing. I’m going to get a T-shirt with that slogan on it. I’ll call them now.

Polly goes to call the telephone company and returns 10 minutes later.

Karen: What did they say?

Polly: Well I had to listen to that silly automated system for 5 minutes before I got to speak to anyone.

Karen: Gosh, I hate those things! Are they going to come out and fix it?

Polly: They asked me to make sure someone is here between 9am and 6pm tomorrow.

Karen: That specific, huh? They can’t expect you to be waiting for them all day, surely!

Polly: I guess if I want the thing fixed, I’ll have to wait. What a pain!!!

Karen: Well, in the meantime, do you want to go shopping? We can buy you that T-shirt you wanted.

Polly: Ha Ha! I don’t think I want to go shopping. But I would definitely like to go for a drink.

Karen: Okay… but just the one! I want to go swimming tomorrow morning. That won’t be possible if I have one too many.


Facts: J.C.R. Licklider of MIT  discussed a « Galactic Network » concept, in 1962 He envisioned an interconnected set of computers through which everyone could quickly access data and programs from any site. This eventually became the internet.




Interactive Video Comprehension Quiz 1


Summary Statements Comprehension Quiz 2


Drag and Drop Quiz 3: 




To express purpose there are two possible prepositions:

To + Verb

For + Name



Claire went to the shop to get as magazine.

Why are you studying? To pass an exam.

I haven’t got time to listen to the radio.

Claire went to the shop for a magazine.


Uses of the prepositions for and to after the verb « to wait »

  • Wait for


Why don’t you wait for me?

He was waiting for the bus.


  • Wait to: Wait to + infinitive


I’m waiting to go out.


  • Wait for… to…


She’s waiting for the teacher to come.

I can’t get into the house. I’m waiting for my mother to bring the key.


Expressions with the verb « to go »

The verb to go may be accompanied by different prepositions. According to the preposition, the meaning may vary.


  • Go To

A name or an infinitive usually goes behind:

I’m going to London.

Polly is going to work.

David goes to bed very early but goes to sleep very late.


  • Go On

With the preposition on the verb to go acquires different meanings, but in most cases it is related to traveling.

To go on an excursion  My son is going on an excursion to Wales.

To go on a cruise   I want to go on a cruise to Greece.

To go on a tour  She went on a tour of the pyramids.

To go on a trip  Karen went on a trip to Granada.

To go on holiday – I wish to go on holiday. 

To go on a strike – Spaniards are going on strike because their politicians are terrible.


  • Go For 

With to go for diverse activities we can find the expressions:

To go for a drink –  I went for a drink with Jeff.

To go for a meal – It’s Saturday. The ideal day to go for a meal.

To go for a run – I like going for a run every evening.

To go for a swim – I’m going for a swim in a pool.

To go for a walk – I want to go for a walk later.


  • Go + -ING

Also note the go + -ing structure present in many activities, especially sports:

  1. Go fishing
  2. Go jogging 
  3. Go sailing
  4. Go shopping
  5. Go skiing 
  6. Go swimming 


It snowing. Let’s go skiing. 

We’re going to the river to go fishing. 









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