Lesson 37 – Persuasion – THE (II)

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  • They are having coffee
  • An amazing idea
  • I don’t believe you
  • An incredible kitten
  • I’m not allowed to
  • To be allowed to
  • The perfect cat owner
  • Take him over
  • To take over
  • To deal with
  • When I go to work
  • To take care of
  • They take care of themselves
  • To cuddle
  • He doesn’t need you
  • To listen to music
  • A great environment
  • Stop finding problems
  • I could come over
  • To come over
  • I can keep it company
  • Besides
  • An addition to the family
  • To check on
  • You can teach it
  • To play football
  • To crawl into bed
  • I am going to regret
  • To regret



Lesson 37 – The Persuasion

Sophie and Michael are having coffee together because Sophie called Michael to talk about something important.

Sophie: Michael, I have an amazing idea. You are going to love it!

Michael: Somehow I don’t believe you.

Sophie: Stop it! Listen, I found an incredible kitten when I was going to work, but I’m not allowed to keep it at my flat. You would be the perfect cat owner. Please, take him over!

Michael: This is so typical! How do you think I will be able to deal with a kitten? What about when I go to work? I don’t want to go home early every day to take care of it. I don’t have time!

Sophie: But that’s the great thing about cats! They take care of themselves. You just go home, give the cat some food and maybe cuddle with it for a while. Other than that, he doesn’t need you.

Michael: What if I want to listen to music? Rock music is not the best thing for kittens. And what about when we have parties? It’s not a great environment…

Sophie: Stop finding problems! It’s an adorable kitten, and if you want I could come over to your house and see it every Monday and Thursday when you’re at work. That way I can keep it company. Besides, John lives with you too and I’m certain he would love an addition to the family.

Michael: I don’t know about that. Do I have to go home to check on it at lunch every day?

Sophie: No, Michael, it will be fine. I’m sure you can teach it to play football with you too, and it will crawl into bed with you and you will love it. Trust me!

Michael: I am going to regret agreeing to this, but ok. I will look after the kitten!
Sophie: Thank you very very much, Michael!

Facts: Japanese researchers testing cats reactions to their owners showed that although pet cats are more than capable of recognising their owner’s voice they choose to ignore them.


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Other situations that we don’t use THE

We saw that we delete THE in some cases:

  1. a) Days of the week:

I work from Monday to Friday

  1. b) Colours:

My favourite colour is black.

  1. c) Food:

I have lunch at 12. 

  1. d) Treatment. More common:








Do you know Mr Atkinson?

Doctor Queen is my surgeon. 

  1. e) With next or last

NEXT =  I have an exam next week.

LAST =   They broke up last year.

Also, we have to add the next situations:

  1. General things


Life is wonderful. 

I love music, especially pop music

Exams are very difficult. 

  1. Sports or funny activities.


Football and basketball are very fun sports.

  1. Languages.

Spanish is an international language.

Literature and Philosophy are my favourite subjects.



Take a look in this difference between the with general meaning and the with a specific meaning:

The weather in this region is pleasant.

I read books about history.

I hate cold weather.

I read books about the history of England.


We don’t use  The in a lot of occasions to refer to some places, like work or studies and other expressions that were deleted:

GO TO BED I go to bed late.
BE IN BED He’s ill. He’s in bed.
GO HOME I’m tired.I’m going home
BE AT HOME I’ll be at home tonight.
GO TO WORK Marie goes to work at 8
BE AT WORK She’s busy. She’s at work
START WORK Don’t be lazy! Start work
FINISH WORK John finishes work at 5
GO TO SCHOOL I went to school in China
BE AT SCHOOL Nicky’s at school now.
START SCHOOL Children start school at 9.
LEAVE SCHOOL He left school very young
GO TO UNIVERSITY I’m go to University now
AT UNIVERSITY Liz studies at University
GO TO HOSPITAL I went to hospital because of the accident
BE IN HOSPITAL I’m in hospital. I’m ill.
GO TO PRISON A burglar went to prison
BE IN PRISON The burglar is in prison
GO TO CHURCH Christians go to church
BE IN CHURCH She’s praying in church

However, remeber

Instead, remember that they do have the article the places like airport, bank, cinema, city center, post office or theater and professionals like the dentist and the doctor. Examples:

Where is thepost office, please?

I’m going to the doctor.


Negative form of the present simple

Remember that the negative form of the present simple is formed introducing don’t/doesn’t between subject and verb.


To see

I don’t see

You don’t see

He doesn’t see

She doesn’t see

It doesn’t see

We don’t see

You don’t see

They don’t see


I don’t know what’s happening. 

Michael doesn’t study at home. 


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