Lesson 44 – Dinner Party –

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  • To host a dinner party
  • To come round to help
  • To cook a delicious meal
  • To choose a film to watch
  • We can’t watch any films
  • Too “girly”
  • To moan and to complain
  • to admit to liking
  • Modern day reimagining
  • Is it really?
  • It can be quite amusing
  • I don’t rate him
  • He’ll kill me
  • Laughed out loud
  • It was really embarrassing
  • I won’t say anything
  • What do you suggest?
  • Would be the best bet
  • Charismatic
  • Extroverted
  • I like that in a guy.
  • He’s a bit chunky
  • I didn’t think you liked that!
  • Positive
  • Energetic
  • Personality can go a long way.
  • I wasn’t physically attracted to…
  • All wonderful traits
  • To make an effort
  • To go to the gym
  • Well shaved
  • Kind hearted
  • Went out of your way to help
  • Not everyone would do that!
  • That’s sweet of you to say!
  • Soppy
  • They will not approve.


– Dinner party –


Lesson 44 – Dinner Party

Laura has decided to host a dinner party for her friends. Sophie has come round to help cook a delicious meal and choose a film to watch afterwards.

Sophie: We can’t watch any films that are too “girly”. The boys will just moan and complain all the way through.

Laura: I know, although John did once admit to liking “Clueless”, which is a modern day reimagining of Jane Austen’s “Emma”.

Sophie: Is it really? I didn’t know that. I love Alicia Silverstone in that film and Paul Rudd is dishy.

Laura: I think he’s nice and can be quite amusing but I don’t rate him otherwise.

Sophie: Do you think John rates him?

Laura: Oh no, don’t start. He’ll kill me if he finds out I told you that. I nearly laughed out loud when he told me. It was really embarrassing.

Sophie: Okay, I won’t say anything. So what do you suggest?

Laura: I think a comedy would be the best bet. I really like that Jonah Hill. He’s funny, charismatic and quite extroverted. I like that in a guy.

Sophie: He’s a bit chunky though. I didn’t think you liked that.

Laura: I don’t mind so much if they are positive and energetic people. Personality can go a long way.

Sophie: I don’t disagree with you but I couldn’t date someone that I wasn’t physically attracted to. Sure, funny, kind-hearted, outgoing, all wonderful traits but I like my men to make an effort with their body, go to the gym, keep well shaved, things like that.

Laura: The male counterpart of you, you mean.

Sophie: Well that’s very nice of you to say. I do like to keep myself well shaved. Do you really think i’m kind-hearted?

Laura: I think you can be. Look at all that business with the kitten. You really went out of your way to help it. Not everyone would do that.

Sophie: That’s sweet of you to say, Laura. Thank you.

Laura: You’re welcome. Now, enough of the soppy stuff, the boys will be here soon and they will not approve.


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