Lesson 45 – The Date – Comparatives

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  • She finally got up the courage
  • To ask Michael out on a date
  • It was harder than she thought
  • The craziest thing
  • She could think of
  • Bungee jumping
  • Michael will be up for it
  • A bit more exciting than usual dates
  • To make sure
  • Her lipstick is applied correctly.
  • Sophie is blown away
  • To be blown away
  • He looks more stylish than ever
  • Trendier clothes
  • You don’t look too bad.
  • It is easier than I thought.
  • I earn a lot more
  • I am very excited
  • A more adventurous person
  • The instructor’s office
  • To be given instructions
  • Appropriate equipment
  • To jump at the same time
  • By the edge of the cliff
  • So much scarier than I expected


– The Date –

Learn English – Lesson 45 – The Date

Sophie finally got up the courage to ask Michael out on a date. He said yes and she has been nervous about it for more than a week. It was harder than she thought to plan something to do with Michael because she wanted it to be the best. She has decided to do the craziest thing she could think of: bungee jumping. Sophie has always wanted to do that and she knows Michael will be up for it. It is a bit more exciting than usual dates. Michael is a little late, but Sophie is happy because it gives her more time to make sure her lipstick is applied correctly. When Michael arrives, Sophie is blown away by how stylish he looks, more stylish than ever before. He looks much more confident and he is wearing trendier clothes than usual.

Michael: Hey, Sophie! How are you? You look wonderful!

Sophie: Hey, Michael! Thanks, that’s so sweet of you! You don’t look too bad yourself.

Michael: Thanks! I’ve just started working as a model and they gave me these clothes yesterday. They are much more comfortable than my normal clothes.

Sophie: You work as a model now? How is that going?

Michael: It is going well. It is easier than I thought! I just stand there and do what they tell me to do. And I earn a lot more money than when I worked at the café. I can show you some of my photos later!

Sophie: Oh wow! That is great, I would love to see some of your photos! Are you ready to go bungee jumping today?

Michael: Yes, of course! I am very excited and I think it will make me a better and more adventurous person.

Michael and Sophie made their way to the instructor’s office. They were given the instructions for how to do the bungee jump and they were given the appropriate equipment. They had decided to jump at the same time and were standing by the edge of the cliff looking down.

Michael: This is so much scarier than I expected. I am not sure I can do this. It seemed easier and less terrifying in my mind.

Sophie does not want to back down and grabs Michael’s hand and then they kiss.

Michael: That was the best kiss I have ever had. I think I am ready to bungee jump now!

The two of them laughed and jumped.

Facts: The first modern bungee jumps were made on 1st April 1979 from the 250-foot Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England by David Kirke and Simon Keeling.


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Comparatives are phrases that, as the name says, serve to establish comparisons between two elements. In English there are two ways to express the comparatives:

  • Adding the ending -ER: this option is the one used by one-syllable adjectives.


late →  later 

cheap →  cheaper 

young →  younger 


-In adjectives and adverbs ending in -y, the ending becomes -ier. Examples:

heavy →  heavier 

early →  earlier

-Some adjectives and adverbs double the final consonant when they become comparative. Examples:

big →  bigger

hot →  hotter

thin →  thinner

– The comparative of far is further.

  • Putting the word MORE: this is the option for adjectives and adverbs of 2 or more syllables.



expensive →  more expensive

interesting →  more interesting 

suitable →  more suitable 

difficult →  more difficult 

You have to wear more suitable garments for the job interview.

I can speak English easily, but Polish is moredifficult.

  • Irregular comparatives: you just have to remember four:
  1. good →  better 
  2. well →  better 
  3. bad →  worse 
  4. badly →  worse 

Structure of comparative phrases

To construct a comparative phrase, we must introduce than behind the comparative.


younger than 

more interesting than 

Rose is taller than Nick.

John is more handsome than Robert. 


  • When comparing two people, the second term is usually a personal object pronoun (me, you, him, her, it, us, them).  Example:

I am a better student than him

I went to bed later than them.

  • When you want to indicate a greater or lesser amount, the structures that are used are the following: more than and less than. Examples:

Those trainers don’t cost more than €25. 

This journey was less than an hour.

  • To graduate the intensity of the comparison can resort to the following structures:




France is a bit bigger than Spain. 

Portugal is much smaller than Spain. 


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