Lesson 47 – Rock Climbing – Enough or Too?

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  • To spend the week
  • Sitting around a fire
  • Talking about
  • To get further
  • Cave
  • Battery power
  • Torch
  • To risk going deeper
  • I’ll have to make sure
  • Too low
  • Won’t risk it
  • It looked too narrow
  • To get stuck
  • Are you saying…?
  • Fat
  • Skeleton
  • Flesh
  • Stay out of this
  • Get through it
  • To be considered
  • Do we have enough?
  • To attempt
  • A big climb
  • Stick to the…
  • A couple of days
  • Weather report
  • To keep warm
  • There are going to be some…
  • Strong winds
  • We haven’t visited
  • At first
  • To consider them
  • Too far away
  • Our only option
  • So shall it be
  • An early night
  • I’m too tired
  • To think straight
  • Get enough sleep
  • Fresh as a daisy
  • Get up a bit earlier
  • To check
  • Before we head out
  • I’ll make sure
  • Before I go to bed


-Rock Climbing-

Lesson 47 – Rock Climbing

Darren, Kieran and Rosie are spending the week rock climbing and potholing. They are sitting around a fire, talking about their adventures.

Darren: I’d really like to get further into that cave. The battery power on my torch is too low to risk going deeper. I’ll have to make sure it has enough power tomorrow.

Rosie: I still wouldn’t risk it Darren. It looked too narrow for you. You wouldn’t want to get stuck now, would you.

Darren: Are you saying I’m too fat?

Kieran: No, she’s saying that your skeleton is too small for your flesh.

Darren: Oi, you stay out of this Kieran!

Rosie: What I said was that it was too narrow. I don’t think I could even get through it and I’m small enough to be considered a hobbit.

Kieran: Do we have enough pegs for the climb tomorrow?

Rosie: I think so. I have a new pack of them. We need to check that they are strong enough before we attempt a big climb.

Darren: We may have to stick to the potholing for a couple of days. I looked at the weather report and it looks as if it is going to be too cold to go scaling up a mountain.

Kieran: I agree. I took a look at the weather forecast myself. I’ve brought enough clothes to keep warm but they say that there are going to be some strong winds.

Rosie: Potholing it is then! There are some caves that we haven’t visited yet. I didn’t consider them at first as they were too far away but if that is our only option then so shall it be.

Darren: I’m going to get an early night. I’m too tired to think straight now. I want to get enough sleep so that I’m fresh as a daisy tomorrow.

Rosie: Good idea! I want to get up a bit earlier so I have enough time to check those pegs before we head out.

Kieran: I’ll make sure that this fire is out properly before I go to bed. Goodnight guys.



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To express that something is sufficient, we can use the word enough.

Enough + Name

With a name, enough is always located before.


We want to cook paella but we haven´t got enough rice.I´d like to buy a car but I haven´t got enough money.

Adjective + Enough

With an adjective, enough is afterwards.


I don’t want to buy this book. It’s not good enough.

He wants to play basketball but he’s not tall enough.

Enough + Name Adjective + Enough 

Enough rice

Good enough
Enough money Tall enough


Enough for somebody or something

In this case, we want to use the preposition for


This is not motivating enough for me. 

I haven’t got enough patience for teaching.

Enough to do something

In this case, we use the preposition to.


Do you have enough money to buy a bike?

She’s not old enough to go to a club.

Enough for somebody or something to do something

The combination of both structures is also possible:


There’s not enough food for everybody to eat.


When Too is located in front of an adjective, shows that is an excessive quantity.

When we talk about names and we want to express that there are a lot of quantity, we use too many for countables and too much for uncontables.


I’m going to bed. I’m too tired.

My daughter studies too hard.


There are too many unemployed people in Spain.

There are too many people coming to my house. There aren’t enough rooms.

This tea is too sweet. It has too much sugar.

There is too much noise here. I can’t hear you.

Too much puede emplearse detrás de un verbo para indicar que la acción se ha efectuado en exceso.


Don´t be so lazy! You sleep too much.

I´m very tired. I ran too much.


We can use too depending on the situation related with someone or something. There are different options:

Too much for somebody or something

These trousers are too big for me.

Too much to do something

Rosie is too intelligent to talk nonsense.

Also is possible to combine the structures:

This supermarket is too expensive for me to buy my shopping here.


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