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  • Knock on the door
  • Are you still in bed?
  • What time is it?
  • We have to be at…
  • The airport
  • I have already ordered
  • I’ll get up
  • I have already packed
  • What’s the rush?
  • Get out of bed
  • Stop being lazy!
  • I’m getting up
  • I’m still sleepy
  • Super
  • Strong coffee
  • There is some left
  • We will be able to…
  • Quality
  • South America
  • Rocket fuel
  • Can I come in?
  • I’m getting dressed
  • I gave the spare keys to…
  • She won’t need them
  • Just in case
  • I gave her a call
  • An hour ago
  • She asked us
  • To bring her a souvenir back
  • Something that she can eat
  • Preferably something sweet
  • Forgotten all about
  • a thimble
  • Who collects thimbles anymore?
  • How about that coffee?
  • Put the kettle on
  • I’ll do it now
  • A few minutes later
  • Returns with a cup of coffee
  • There is no answer
  • Don’t tell me



– Sleeping in –

Lesson 49: Sleeping in

There is a knock on the door.

Kiera: Darren, are you still in bed?

Darren: No……Yes! What time is it?

Kiera: It’s 10:30. We have to be at the airport for 1 o’clock. I have already ordered the taxi.

Darren: Okay, I’ll get up in a minute. I have already packed so what’s the rush?

Kiera: Just get out of bed and stop being lazy!

Darren: Alright, alright! I’m getting up. I’m still sleepy… Do you still have some of that super strong coffee?

Kiera: Yes, there is some left. We will be able to buy some quality coffee in South America. Some real rocket fuel. Can I come in?

Darren: No, I’m getting dressed.

Kiera: Oh, I gave the spare keys to Rosie. I’m sure that she won’t need them. But just in case.

Darren: Uh huh!

Kiera: And I gave her a call an hour ago. She asked us to bring her a souvenir back, something that she can eat she said. Preferably something sweet. I think that she has forgotten all about her diet. And a thimble, she asked for a thimble. Who collects thimbles anymore?

Darren: Uh huh!

Kiera: Are you okay, Darren?

Darren: How about that coffee?

Kiera: I haven’t put the kettle on yet. I’ll do it now.

A few minutes later Kiera returns with a cup of coffee and knocks on the door. There is no answer.

Kiera: Darren….Darren…

Facts: Thimbles are simple, utilitarian objects worn to protect the finger-tip whilst sewing. The earliest thimble was Roman and found at Pompeii. It was made of bronze and dated to the first century AD.



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Alternative constructions for some verbs

In the last lesson, we saw that in English, the order of the sentences is very strict. However, there some verbs that admits two types of construction.


Give something to somebody 


I gave a coin to a beggar.

Can you lend five euros to Darren?

Send a message to him tonight.

Give somebody something 

I gave that beggar a coin.

Can you lend Darren five euros? 

Send him a message tonight.


Other adverbs

In the previous lesson, we analyzed the order of the elements of the sentence and the position that most adverbs usually occupy. In this lesson, however, we will focus on the specific meaning of the three adverbs that can sometimes cause confusion.



Already refers to actions that have happened before expectation:

When are you going to see the film?

I have already seen it.

Are you learning English?

 No, I have already learnt it.


Still is used to express that something is still happening, it didn’t change:

I have slept a lot but I’m still sleepy.

Do you still live in England?


Yet is used for negative and interrogative sentences:

I haven’t travelled to Africa yet.

Rosie isn’t here yet. 

Have you finished your homework yet?

Has Keiran left the bathroom yet?



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