To Get Up

I don’t usually get up early when I´m on holiday.

I was so exhausted that I got up late for work.


To Stand Up

stood up after having been sat down for two hours.

The crowd stood up and applauded the performance.


To Look Up

The children looked up at the sky to see the wedge of swans.

He looked up in time to see the paint tin falling.


To Pick Up

Please, could you pick my bag up off the floor.

He hurt his back picking up a penny.


To Fall Down

A glass fell down and broke.

He slipped and fell down the hill.

To Lie Down

I love lying down on the sand and sunbathing.

I am so tired, I need to lie down.

To Sit Down

Good morning class! Could you sit down please!

I need to sit down, my ankle is sore.

To Put Down

She sipped the water and put the cup down.

He put down the book and closed his eyes.


To Go Away

She has gone away for the weekend.

You should go away and think about it.

To Drive Away

He got into the car and drove away.

She had trouble driving away the wild ponies.


To Run Away

He took my wallet and ran away.

They ran away together to get married.


Come Back

He will come back, he left his jacket.

I´ll come back tomorrow when I have more money.

Go Back

He lived in Spain for two years then went back to England.

I´ll go back tomorrow and buy that new record.


To Give Back

He won´t give it back to me.

You should always give back what you take.


To Bring Back

I’ll give you my pen, but you have to bring it back.

If you bring it back tomorrow, I´ll try to fix it.


To Take Back

She didn’t like her present so I took it back.

It’s broken! You should take it back to the shop.


To Put Back

I flipped through the magazine then put it back on the shelf.

You should put it back where you found it.


To Fly Over

The eagle flew over the mountains.

On the way to Las Vegas we flew over the Grand Canyon.

To Climb Over

I forgot my keys and I had to climb over the fence. 

The path was blocked by a fallen tree which we climbed over.


To Turn Over

Turn over the omelette.

He had trouble sleeping on his back so he turned over.


To Look Around

I was looking around trying to find my hat.

We had a good look around the museum.


To Turn Around

We had to turn around as we forgot the picnic.

He turned around to face his opponent.