Lesson 80 – Housemate From Hell – Say/ Tell / Speak / Talk

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  • They are meeting for something to eat
  • In their lunch hour
  • They live together
  • They haven’t seen much of each other
  • The young doctor she met
  • Everything is going very well
  • She is having some problems
  • Housemate
  • He wouldn’t say boo to a goose
  • A strange partnership
  • He speaks his mind
  • It’s one of the things
  • As time’s gone by
  • To come out of his shell
  • He’s a bit sexist
  • Inappropriate comments
  • In the kitchen
  • Getting the shopping
  • Have you spoken to
  • We had a good talk
  • To have a chat with him
  • He wasn’t very revealing
  • He has caused trouble like this before
  • He feels threatened by you
  • Do you know the saying…?
  • Three’s a crowd
  • He’s taking it literary
  • Things seem to have died down
  • Time will tell
  • Here comes the food
  • I’m absolutely starving.
  • The problem is resolved
  • He’s not having a go at me
  • He’s not really talking
  • He’s being a child
  • Ignore him
  • Easier said than done
  • He’s always there
  • He’ll sit there
  • Sulking
  • He’s talking nonsense
  • This sounds terrible
  • What are you going to do about it?
  • To spend more time
  • He wants rid of him
  • He helps with the rent
  • It’ll be a lot of work
  • To get another housemate
  • I don’t know anyone
  • Looking for a place to live
  • On the lookout for
  • He’s serious about
  • Getting rid of the guy
  • I want to get it sorted out
  • Causing problems
  • I hope it doesn’t come to that
  • You are really nice together
  • He’s just jealous
  • Constantly behaving like that
  • I can’t see his situation improving
  • Maybe things will calm down
  • I miss hanging out with you
  • You’re making me feel
  • Absolutely dreadful
  • It was a joke
  • I am very fond of
  • I want you two to be happy
  • Put your foot down
  • I won’t say anything
  • Give the guy an ear full
  • Things will improve
  • If you are more assertive
  • It’s worth a go
  • To see what happens



-Housemate From Hell-


Lesson 80 – Housemate from Hell

Stephanie and Julia are meeting for something to eat in their lunch hour. Although they live together they haven’t seen much of each other since Stephanie started dating Leon, the young doctor she met at Sophie and John’s party. Everything is going very well with the couple but Steph is having some problems with Leon’s housemate.

Steph: When I met him, he wouldn’t say boo to a goose. I thought it was a strange partnership as Leon speaks his mind, it’s one of the things I really like about him. However, as time’s gone by he seems to have come out of his shell and I’m afraid to say that he’s a bit sexist.

Julia: How so?

Steph: He keeps making inappropriate comments about me being in the kitchen and getting the shopping in.

Julia: Have you spoken to Leon about it?

Steph: We had a good talk about it and Leon promised to have a chat with him. Although he wasn’t very revealing, I think the guy has caused trouble like this before. There was a lot of tutting and eye-rolling on Leon’s behalf.

Julia: Maybe he feels threatened by you. Do you know the saying “Three’s a crowd”? Maybe he’s taking it literary. Did leon talk to him?

Steph: He did, and things seem to have died down a bit but I guess time will tell. Oh, here comes the food.

Julia: Now we’re talking. I’m absolutely starving. So…. the problem is resolved now?

Steph: I won’t say that. He’s not having a go at me so much but he’s not really talking to Leon much.

Julia: Well he sounds like he’s being a child. Just ignore him.

Steph: Easier said than done. He’s always there, sometimes he’ll sit there sulking and that’s worse than when he’s talking nonsense.

Julia: Steph, this sounds terrible. What are you going to do about it? You guys can always spend more time at our apartment.

Steph: To tell you the truth, I think Leon wants rid of him. He’s only keeping him there because he helps with the rent. It’ll be a lot of work trying to get another housemate. I don’t know anyone who is looking for a place to live at the moment. Do you?

Julia: I’m afraid not. I’ll talk to people at work and see if there’s anyone on the lookout for a place.

Steph: Great, I’ll talk to Leon and see if he’s serious about getting rid of the guy. I really don’t know what his problem is but I want to get it sorted out before it starts causing problems between me and Leon.

Julia: Oh gosh, well I hope it doesn’t come to that at all. You two are really nice together. Maybe he’s just jealous but if he’s constantly behaving like that I can’t see his situation improving any time soon.

Steph: I don’t want to punish Leon for it but maybe things will calm down if I don’t spend so much time there. Besides, I miss hanging out with you. This is the first decent chat we’ve had in ages.

Julia: I miss hanging out too but I’m alright. I’ve got my Sex in the City DVD set and a jar of cocoa.

Steph: Oh, don’t! You’re making me feel absolutely dreadful.

Julia: Steph, it was a joke! I’m great, really! I very fond of Leon and I want you two to be happy. Put your foot down with his housemate. I’m sure Leon won’t say anything if you give the guy an ear full. Hopefully things will improve if you are more assertive.

Steph: Do you think?

Julia: It’s worth a go! Try it, see what happens!



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USE Is used when one person addresses a group. Suggest that two or more people are having a conversation. Is used with words. Is used when giving information.
KEY You speak to somebody. You speak in a certain manner. To talk about something. To talk. To say something to somebody. To tell somebody about something.

Sometimes SPEAK & TALK are used with similar meaning.


He spoke to his colleagues about the project.Can you speak Italian?

Could you speak slowly please?

He speaks really well.

They talked for hours

over the phone.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

We need to talk!

Do you know what I am talking about?

She said nothing all day!Did she say “Goodbye” to you?

What did they say?

Say that again!

She told me all about the film.Can you tell me how to get to the airport?

Tell me everything!

That’s what I’ve been told.


We are on speaking terms.  We are willing to talk.“Actions speak louder than words” What a person actually does is what counts.

“The facts speak for themselves”The facts show the truth.

“Speaking of the devil” When a person you have been talking about appears.

“To speak one’s mind” To state one’s thoughts frankly.

We had a good talk. =Conversation

He talks his head off! He talks too much.

“Now you’re talking” I agree with your suggestion.

“Look who’s talking” You think the speaker is being judgemental.

“I’m talking to you!” You are angry with someone because he/she is not listening to you.

“People will talk” = You are concerned that people will gossip.

“They’re not talking” Two people have had a disagreement and refuse to speak to each other.

Do you know this Russian saying? = A well known phrase.She would not say boo to a goose. =She is too shy.

“Before you could say Jack Robinson” Very quickly

“Easier said than done”More difficult to do than in theory.

“Say no more” I understand what you are saying.

“To tell the truth” To not tell a lie.“To tell the time” To say what time of day it is.

“To tell a lie” To not tell tell the truth.

“To tell stories” To tell a lie.

“Only time will tell” We will see what the future holds.

“There is something I want to tell you” I wish to reveal some secret.



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