Lesson 81 – Bucket List – Prepositions

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  • Retired from his job
  • He has been looking for
  • To occupy his time
  • A bucket list
  • He didn’t have the time
  • Completing the list
  • More difficult than he imagined
  • Learning how to play the flute
  • He complained incessantly
  • He borrowed it
  • Married with children
  • To complain about the noise
  • A knock on his front door
  • He was confronted with / by
  • Threatened to call the police
  • To deal with him
  • To wake up their baby
  • In protest
  • To practise every day
  • To write a book
  • Written by
  • A retired gentleman
  • The author had written a book about
  • Second-hand
  • How to use a computer
  • No wish to learn
  • He tried to buy
  • Out of date
  • They haven’t been available
  • It blew the wind out of his sails
  • The bottom of the list
  • By mistake
  • To swim with dolphins
  • To pay by card
  • Luddite
  • It brought an end to
  • Singing in public
  • Karaoke night
  • Bar room brawl
  • Booed off stage
  • To climb up
  • Stifled by
  • Suffering from vertigo
  • A canal boat ride
  • To build a garden shed
  • Having no luck
  • He was in high spirits
  • What would be gained by
  • Attempting to complete
  • Risk upsetting others
  • Putting himself and others in danger
  • In the middle of nowhere
  • Arguing with neighbours
  • Returning some books to the library
  • Children were laughing and playing
  • To enjoy the energy of their youth
  • Kicking a ball to each other
  • One of them missed
  • Up the path
  • Before he had time to stop it
  • Into the middle of the road
  • Unaware of the traffic
  • With lightning speed
  • He snatched him up
  • A car narrowly missed them
  • Panicked by the experience
  • He burst into tears
  • Screaming at him
  • His stupidity
  • Calmed down
  • Saving her son
  • A potential accident
  • She invited him to join them
  • To share their picnic
  • He happily accepted
  • Having helped
  • To save a child’s life
  • It had given him more pleasure


-Bucket list-

Lesson 81 – Bucket list

Since Frank retired from his job he has been looking for something to occupy his time. He had been out of work for a while when he decided to write himself a bucket list of things he simply didn’t have the time to do when he was working. However, completing the list has been a bit more difficult than he imagined.

Frank was always interested in learning how to play the flute. He tried once, when he was younger, but after his children complained incessantly about the awful noise coming from the study room, he returned the flute to the friend he had borrowed it from. Now they were all grown-up and married with children, there was no one to complain about the noise…or so he thought. After only 10 minutes of practising there was a knock on his front door. When he answered it, he was confronted by his neighbour who threatened to call the police to deal with him should he continue to “play that awful racket” and wake up their baby. In protest, he sent the flute, by mail, to his youngest grandchild, who loved music, with a letter saying that she should practise every day.

Next, he tried to write a book. He bought a book written by a retired gentleman like himself. The author had written a book about writing a book after successfully releasing some bestsellers at the age of 70. Frank bought himself a second-hand typewriter because he had no idea how to use a computer and had no wish to learn. However, when he tried to buy ink for the typewriter, he found that the typewriter was out of date and the particular ink cartridges for this model hadn’t been available for 20 years. This blew the wind out of his sails and so he decided to put the idea at the bottom of the list.

And so it went on! He tried to drive from John O’Groats to Lands End but ended up in Lincoln by mistake. He wanted to swim with dolphins but the only way he could book it was to pay by card on the internet and his luddite nature mixed with his pride brought an end to that particular process. He resigned from the idea of singing in public after a karaoke night turned into a bar room brawl after a particularly large man was booed off stage. His wished to climb up Snowdon which was stifled by him suffering from vertigo and a canal boat ride ended with several people in hospital. He also tried to build a garden shed by hand and that ended with him in hospital.

Frank was obviously having no luck completing his bucket list but despite his failings he was in high spirits. He evaluated what would be gained by attempting to complete his list and possibly risk upsetting others and potentially putting himself and others in danger.

One day, whilst returning some books to the library he was walking past a park where children were laughing and playing. He stopped for a second to enjoy the energy of their youth. A couple of the children were happily kicking a ball to each other when one of them missed. The ball bounced up the path and past Frank, who watched the balls journey into the road. Before he had time to stop it, one of the children ran past him and into the middle of the road, unaware of the traffic. With lightning speed, Frank made a move for the child and snatched him up, darting back onto the pavement as a car narrowly missed them. The child, panicked by the experience, burst into tears when his mother ran up, screaming at him for his stupidity. She soon calmed down and thanked Frank for saving her son from a potential accident. She invited him to join them and share their picnic, which Frank happily accepted.
Such an adventure was not on his bucket list but the happiness of having helped save a child’s life had given him more pleasure than anything he had written on his list.



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Today we are going to review some essential prepositions: By, With, Out, In, From, Up.


Songs written by the Beatles are often covered by other artists.

Waiters get paid by the hour.

You need to solve this problem by next week.

The football team won by three goals to nil.

This all happened by accident.

He will get that job, by any means possible.

Help yourself, by all means!

Do you reckon we should go there by car or by train or by plane?

By chance, we ended up catching the same train.

This is by far my favourite spot.

We wrote the letter by hand.

He knew his poem off by heart.

He pressed delete by mistake.

I only know them by name.

Could you forward it to me by mail/by post?

Their visit caught us by surprise.

By the time we get there it will be gone midnight.

He was all by himself.

He was standing by the river.


You can’t go to work with a creased shirt!

I can only open this with a corkscrew!

Do you always agree with everything he says?

Stop arguing with your sister!

He has to stop interfering with my work!

They are married with children.

Deal with it!

They are always quarrelling with the neighbours.

The private detective provided her with some valuable information.

Before sharing this information with the press…


This yoghurt is out of date.

The vending machine is out of order again!

This man is always out of reach when you need him!

Thousands of people are out of work with the crisis.

We are completely out of cheese.


He is genuinely interested in completing his family tree.

For how long has he been in hospital?

Do you believe in fate?

Are you in the building or in the car?


We could both benefit from this new venture.

Where do these rumours come from?

He borrowed the book from the public library.

He suffers from a rare medical condition.

We have received many complaints from customers.

He resigned from his job last week.

It is just up these stairs!


Keep me up to date!

What are you up to again?

It is just up these stairs!


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